Thursday, June 28, 2007

Manos Throw Assembled

Unblocked...hmmmm - not bad. Not quite as lopsided as I thought it would be, but could be a bit larger.


Jany said...

MARIE! It is fantastic! Imagine finishing something so WOOLY during the summertime! I am very proud-you DID it! It looks so great-don't even think about blocking it until we have a better handle on the process.....something that large will need Wondermats?? WIres and pins? More to learn! (don'tcha love that lace knitting?? I do!)

juli said...

It looks great, and must feel amazing draped all around you!

Jany said...

Okay, now I want to see how you are doing on you-know-what...... I looked at the pattern today and I still don't understand it.....right now I cannot attempt, but I would love to see your progress!