Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And We Have Spiderweb!

The journey to this completed block was not pleasant. I knit and I ripped, I knit and I ripped, I knit in the car, I ripped in the car, I knit on the beach, I ripped on the beach, I knit in the hotel room... well you get it. My knittingly gifted 18-year-old daughter begged me to let her do it for me. Pride would not allow it. "What is the problem?" she asked. I kept on losing stitches along the way - why I do not know - although I think it had something to do with purling the yarn overs. Her reply to me was "Just add more stitches - I do it all the time." But spiderweb wouldn't tolerate randomly picked up stitches. So last night I went to sleep after four days of knitting this #$%* block. I woke up this morning and for no apparent reason (a Valerie phrase) I was able to complete the final pattern repeat with no trouble whatsoever AND without mysteriously losing any stitches. So here it is in all of its Manos glory. The last block will be the mindless Wave block.

1 comment:

Janette said...

All your projects are simply beautiful! I love the color selection of your Manos throw - and so glad to hear you defeated the Spider Web block! Really, really gorgeous!