Thursday, July 5, 2007

Syrian Shawl for a Syrian Girl

This shawl pattern is from Victorian Lace Today and is being knitted in Filatura di Crosa Multicolor - 60% mohair 40% acrylic - on size 8 needles. This colorway is beautiful pinks and purples with a bit of blue and yellow. I love this yarn - the photo does not do it justice. Here is what I've learned while knitting this lace:

1. In order to have this pattern work you must be able to count to 4. 3 is NOT 4, and 5 is NOT 4.
2. If you end up with an extra stitch at the end of the row, something is wrong.
3. If you forget to do a YO at the beginning of each row, you are screwed.
4. If you forget to knit the even rows, same as #3.
5. If you forget to count the number of center stitches and end up with 15 center stitches, same as #3 & 4.
6. If you start thinking about something else while you are supposed to be counting to 4 be prepared to rip.
7. It is not good to knit this pattern while riding in a truck and bouncing all over the SI Distress Way on the 4th o' July.
8. It is not fun having an 18-year-old constantly say - "Can I JUST do it for you!!!!" Although she did manage to fix it for me,
I ended up ripping it out because it was unrecognizable.
9. Ripping feels good when the knitting has so many misplaced YO's that it looks like you are knitting a garment for a
10. I CAN eventually memorize a pattern; this one only took a week.


Jany said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! YOU ARE DOING IT!!! IT IS GORGEOUS! Do you LOVE IT???? You got so much done--it is amazing ....... I can't wait to see it.....You won't need the lace knitting class in Maryland!!!! I am seriously, truly impressed......

Jany said...

P.S. I never laughed so hard and wanted to cry so hard as I did when reading your post. We are going to have to put it all in a book someday.... such pathos, such a German Opera....

Janette said...

lol - Too funny and oh so true!!!! Your shawl is going to be just gorgeous!