Saturday, February 14, 2009

Noro Striped Scarf II

Noro Silk Garden #'s 267 and 47

Noro Silk Garden Chunky #4

I love, love, love the Chunky #4. It has a really black black, and a really pretty steel blue to break up the browns. I thought just starting two balls at different places would work but I had to re-break and restart at points because the same colors met up at the same points and became mucky. This was a bit of a pain. I also didn't realize that I'd bought the chunky because I was so focused on the color. But it worked out, the scarf took 4 balls and is not long. My son is 6'2 and the scarf comes to his waist which is the length he wanted.

The second scarf was a pleasure to make. I originally bought three colors, but stuck with the two neutrals and made it for my husband. I just started another using the same colors but with a third color, #252 which is blies and an acid green. We'll see what that looks like soon!

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