Monday, May 19, 2008

Tangled Yoke Cardigan and Woolbur

Thought I would make a Baby Surprize Jacket but decided it was time to knit up the Autumn House Farm Finnean's Rainbow in colorway Fox Grape. This is wool with rayon seed and it is very stretchy. The recommended needle size is a 7 but it knit up very holey. I swatched several times and gauge was good with a size 4 in the garter rib and in stockinette stitch, but I wasn't liking the way it looked and switched to a size three mid-way through the rib. I also added a steek because I was having trouble ribbing on the wrong side - imagine screwing up k2p2 - well I was. Now all the knitting is being done on the right side and I won't have to purl. I'll return to knitting back and forth when I start increasing for the cables. I read most of the suggestions on Ravelry for this pattern and they terrified me. So I will enlarge the cable chart, color-code the cables, and hope for the best!

Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Lee Harper is a sweet book about a little lamb's need to be himself, even though it means being different from the other sheep. He runs with dogs, likes his fleece long, and cards his wool on his body. He has fun spinning on the spinning wheel, weaving his forelocks, and making a mess with dye. When Woolbur is told by his mother to do whatever the other sheep do, he promptly teaches the other sheep to play his way.


Janette said...

This cardigan is on my "to do" list too! No idea when I will get to it. Gorgeous yarn!

Jany said...

Your word verification gizmo does not like me.