Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finished Projects in 2007

3 Prayer shawls
1 pair socks
1 Manos throw
6 Manos scarves, 3 Punta del Este scarves
1 Noro Poncho and hat
1 syrian shawl
1 dune wrap
2 caps

The scarves and hats were the most fun; the Syian shawl and the Manos throw the most challenging.

Unfinished - 1 baby blanket, 1 pair socks

Projected Projects - Hemlock ring throw, and a sweater with Autumn House Farm Finnean's rainbow.


juli said...

Wow, a lot done!
What Noro poncho?

Jany said...

I found the prayer shawl I started last January, and I decided to leave it near my chair, so it might get done by next I know why I didn't finish is huge! So how did you ever make THREE?