Friday, July 10, 2009

Diabetic Dog

So, Leo has had diabetes since the beginning of June, and for the most part it has been uneventful. We decided to take a day trip to LBI and left the dog in the care of #1 son. We were on our way home and got a phone call from said child letting us know that he was about to give dog insulin shot. I told the boy to be careful not to stab himself with the needle - to which my husband replied - the boy is not an idiot - he will not stab himself. SO out of instinct I guess, I told him to NOT give the dog the shot, that I would give it to him when we got home and hung up the phone. About 5 minutes later we got another phone call from child who said that he had, in fact, stabbed himself with the needle because the dog moved when he was being injected. The boy complained of terrible pain in the index finger and said that he was feeling weird. I gave him instructions to eat and have some candy even though he insisted that he did not inject insulin into himself. The man-child was fine, although he has flu-like symptoms today. I don't think the 2 are related. We had a good hearty laugh at the expense of our firstborn, and after blaming each other for the faulty gene that lead to the incident, I have concluded that it is another example of the inherent problems associated with the Y chromosome.

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