Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hemlock Ring Throw

I began this throw on January 11, 2008 at my knitting retreat. I just about completed the center medallion but the retreat was interfering with my concentration and I started making mistakes, so I put it down and worked on a prayer shawl for a while. Anyway, I have been working on the throw non-stop since January - knitting and ripping - I was making good progress - so I thought - until the pattern would no longer work because I made a serious mistake in the rows just after the medallion, so I ripped out an entire skein of Cascade Ecological - 478 yards worth - to fix my error. All of the knit bloggers working on this project made it seem so easy. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who couldn't do it. But after the massive frogging, I studied Brooklyntweed's photos and followed his chart, and it has made all the difference. Right now I have in excess of 300 stitches on 40" circs and I have an entire ball of wool to go, but now that I have it figured out it is a great knit. I love the way the feather and fan spreads out - it is so graceful.

I'm also working on a hat for my son Randy in his Delta Nu Fraternity colors. Thanks to Janette, I was able to work out a pattern that he will wear.

Last night I went to dinner and saw NUNSENSE in Spring Lake, NJ with my knitting group. It was so much fun, especially because we were with 5 "plain-clothes" nuns who are great fun. My daughter almost won a Pope on a Rope for answering a "Quiz" question correctly, but instead got a St. Christopher card from Sr. Mary Amnesia. The Little Sisters of Hoboken got them on sale because Christopher is no longer a saint. The show was hilarious and the company was the best! Can you spot the plain-clothes nuns?


Jany said...

I have bestowed the coveted (and stolen) Knitting Award to you for your brilliant attempt at the Hemlock Ring! (See your email!) FANTASTICK

Janette said...

Your Hemlock is GORGEOUS! My knitting group is starting a knitalong...I'll be sure to tell them to follow Brooklyntweed's charts! How do you like the yarn? Glad to hear you worked out the hat : )