Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Project on the Needles

This sweater pattern - cozy v neck with deep ribbing - is from fitted knits by stefanie japel. I've had my eye on it for a while. It is top down knit in the round. I think I might play around with the pattern and turn it into a cardi knit in the round with steeks. I'm feeling adventurous. I was going to try my hand at the Eris cardigan but the 40 pattern pages have caused me to quake - no I'm not exaggerating. Numbers and charts still give me the shakes. I don't have enough ink in my printer to print out the pattern and really look at it. Maybe after taking the chart reading class at Stitches East I'll be bettter equipped to try that one out.

1 comment:

Jany said...

I saw the yarn at the shop today, and I am wondering how you are getting along.......this is going to be a gorgeous, wonderful, wearable sweater--forget the steeks--I am WORRYING about this....

Also, is the Syrian Shawl dry and off the needles?? Will you or Val model it? Just dying to see it!