Saturday, August 4, 2007

Prayer Shawl

I recently finished this shawl it is for a friend who lost a child. Adding the fringe was heart wrenching because as I was tying the fringe I realized that I would have to present the shawl to a person who has experienced unimaginable loss. I want to present it soon; I have to pray for the courage to do so.


Jany said...

But you do have the courage, or you wouldn't have been able to finish it. That does not mean it will be easy.

Decide when you want to go, let us all know, and we will pray your way there. I think she will really love to have all the prayers wrapped around her. Write a card explaining it all, and when you go, if she can't handle it, you can give it to her and leave. That's ok too.

Love you for all the work and prayers, God knows she needs it.

Jany said...

It is very, very beautiful.