Friday, July 27, 2007

Beach Knits

The Syrian shawl is progressing well. According to the pattern I have about three more repeats before I attempt the knit-on lace edge... uh, yeah, that will be interesting. LBI was great. Rest, sit on the beach, knit, eat, repeat. I wish that I didn't waste those few beach days when I just could not sit another minute - but I really could not sit another minute. We visited Linda Kelly's Island Knits on one of those days. She runs a very friendly little shop on LBI Blvd. The day this pic was taken the store was hopping with knitters. One learns a lot about a place when knitters gather. I was trying to get 3.5 stitches to the inch with a yarn that has 10 WPI - obviously that wasn't happening, so that wool is going to be used for another project. I started a pair of plain socks with a delicious shade of Collinette Jitterbug called Jay. That it is it on the dashboard. I was knitting on a sock while two of my three children were suspended 500 feet over the Atlantic Ocean.

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Jany said...

:).........You are making me long for the seashore... to (Except for the parasailing part.....)

Anyone else out there reading this blog--I have seen the Syrian Shawl and it is magnificent, and if anyone can do the edge Marie can--because she never gives up!