Sunday, June 3, 2007

First Blog Post Ever: Manos Four Seasons Throw

Here she is in her almost finished glory. I love the wool and after suffering many serious frustrations have managed to work 10 block designs. The zig zag is certainly not a zig zag. I hoped that at some point it would start zigging but it did not because I screwed up several places along the line. I DON'T CARE. I love the variegated brown color and no one but I - and knitting people - will know the difference. It is so liberating to say that and that being said, I have not been able to tolerate mistakes with the other patterns, the spider web took me THREE weeks to get right - no exaggeration - and almost put me over the edge. Here are some thoughts about the pattern: It could be strips of five blocks not four, we are tall people and this throw will only manage to be a lap blanket for my crew. I feel it will look more balanced with the five blocks. It is a drag working the last block and flipping the heavy work, so maybe next time I'll work it a block at a time; I don't mind the finishing work. AND I really think that the next time that I make one - and I will - (I have a serious stash of Manos from Beauty Yarns in Uruguay found on e-bay ) I will do it in one light color to show off the pattern work. Only 2.5 squares to go!

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Jany said...

WELCOME! It is about time.....:)
I shall have to elevate the tone of my blog that it might meld with your cerebral musings......FICTRIX! KNITZ! BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT!
On to the blanket....I had no idea you were so far is going to be spectacular. xoxjan